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A New Home for Friends and Places Together!

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

We are proud to announce the opening of Friends and Places Together's new home in the Victoria Shopping Centre, Southend-on-Sea. We were honoured to be invited along to the opening and enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing what a fantastic job they had done setting up their new home.

Friends and Places Together (FandPT) offers the opportunity for those aged 13-25 to meet up with friends outside of the school or college environment. Their charity was established to fill the desperate need for young people to maintain and keep friendships alive through transition and changes in their adult lives.  For example, the closing of day services, changes of college provision, moving into day services or just leaving school and going to college means friendships can be lost or can dwindle away. Their professional supports service that offers a warm inviting base as well as regular events and trips means friendships are not only maintained but forged.

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